Special labels

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VOID security labels

VOID security labels allow detecting whether the user has manipulated a given product because when removed the label no longer recovers its original appearance and, furthermore, the word VOID appears on the labels adhesive, proving that there was a deliberate attempt to manipulate/open the product or package.

Although commonly used in technological products (computers, consoles, televisions, etc.) this type of security label can be applied to any other type of product as a form of non-handling certification.

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Destructible Security Labels

These labels are used to identify and seal products that imply warranty and need for identification.

Due to the high adhesiveness of its glue, when there is an attempt to remove the label, it is destroyed, thus evidencing the attempt to violate the packaging or product.

Destructible security labels feature high resistance to ultraviolet (UV) rays and offer excellent adhesion to different types of surfaces.

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Valéron Tags

Due to their durability and resistance to contact with chemicals and natural elements (outdoors, low temperatures, humidity, ultraviolet rays, etc), Valéron labels/tags are particularly suitable for use in outdoor environments, although they can also be used indoors.

Typically, Valéron tags are used for identifying or tracing animals/cattle and for labeling pots and plants.

You have certainly seen this type of label/tag on pieces of ham, on fish in the fish market and also on garden plants, as non-adhesive labels or tags printed in various colors and shapes to draw attention.

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Adhesive-free paper or plastic labels

Paper or plastic labels without glue (adhesive) for labeling products where glue cannot adhere properly, such as carcasses (fresh meat) and sacks of feed that are normally covered with dust, which is why a self-adhesive label does not adhere.