How it all began

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Founded in 2008, IN LABEL is an Azorean company specialized in the production of Labels and Packaging for the food and non-food industry.

Our company was created to respond to an existing need in the regional market since, in the Azores, there was no label manufacturer. As a matter of fact, even today, we are still the only company of its kind in the Azores.

Although we remain the only player in the market in its segment, the concern with innovation, quality and total customer satisfaction is a constant, which is why we invest in training, motivation and satisfaction of our young and dynamic work team as well as in technological innovation since we are equipped with the most modern label production machines that allow us great responsiveness in a short period of time (in very urgent cases, our lead time is less than 24 hours).

All these factors grant us credibility and the trust of all our customers (from the most diverse sectors of activity) and allow us to maintain a mutually beneficial and respectful relationship with all our suppliers and partners.



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What we do

IN LABEL we produce all kinds of labels

For manual or automatic application, we produce all kinds of labels and tags (normal and thermal) for the food industry (bakeries, butchers, fishmongers, fruit stores, supermarkets, etc.) and also for the non-food industry.

We produce thermal labels for all types of thermal printers and for printers/applicators and scales with built-in printers. Our thermal labels guarantee adequate optical reading of bar codes and other informational and distinctive elements of the products, and for each type of product we use a specific glue, certified for direct contact with food.

We provide labels and tags in different types of materials:

Paper (all types of papers with and without stickers, plastered, vellum or textured papers and special for oenology.)

Self-adhesive plastic (polypropylene (PP)

Metallic (silver and gold)

Thermal (with treatment for long duration and ECO thermal for use of products with little validity)

and a wide range of specialty labels such as VOID, Destructible, Valéron, and non-adhesive/sticker-free plastic or paper labels (plastic film) for carcass labeling or many other purposes

In addition, we also offer a wide range of graphic finishes and equipment for labels and tags, namely, thermal printers, semi-automatic labelers, label dispensers (manual and automatic), hand labelers and “Ribbon” Thermal Transfer ribbons.

Last but not least, we also have for immediate delivery corrugated cardboard boxes and kraft paper bags in all formats available on the market and with or without customization.

Labels - the silent sellers

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To think that a label is just a simple sticker attached to a product is a very narrow view of the true marketing function of one of the most important elements of a product. It’s label.

We know that a label is of great importance in building the identity and credibility of a brand/product. The label is, in fact, one of the tangible aspects of the positioning of a brand or product and for this reason it has great influence on the differentiation process and on the consumer’s experience and purchase decision.

That’s mainly why we say that, more than labels, we help create brands and generate value as we offer a wide range of solutions from the simplest to the most sophisticated and elaborate in stamping and embossed serigraphy on paper.

More than label manufacturers, we prefer to be seen by our clients as image consultants, a business partner that they can and should involve in their projects, professionals with whom they share their goals and expectations because by doing so they give us the opportunity to, as specialists, suggest the solutions that best meet their objectives. Ultimately, our goal is the total satisfaction of our clients and our greatest gratification is to realize that we were able to bring added value to their projects.

Evolve without harming the environment

Throughout our existence, there has always been a concern to evolve and innovate not only to maintain the position of reference that we have achieved in the market, but, above all, to continue to meet the needs and expectations of our clients whose total satisfaction with our products and services is an integral part of our mission as a company.

To do so, we´ve invested in structural, technological and human resources and commit to a process of continuous and sustained improvement in order to continue to respond to the market challenges and needs.

However, this concern to evolve coexisted with an environmental sustainability policy that motivated us to implement an eco-friendly management model that makes us continuously search for environmentally sustainable raw materials and products. All the paper we use is of sustainable forest origin and has FSC and PEFC certification, which is a guarantee that all our products have been produced in accordance with sustainable management practices.

Our Pillars

The foundation on which we built our brand and our identity. These are the core principles that guide our way of being, working and interacting with all stakeholders. It was based on these principles and premises that we defined our code of ethics and the standards that condition our goals, our strategy and management model.

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