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Thermal printers

Thermal printers produce a printed image by selectively heating a thermal paper that turns dark where it is heated, thereby producing an image.

We have thermal printers and labels for immediate delivery.

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Semi-Automatic Labelers

A semi-automatic labeling machine is a very simple, cheap and efficient equipment commonly used to label cylindrical packages made of glass, plastic, etc. such as drinks, jams, sauces, among many other products. At IN Label we have semi-automatic labeling machines for immediate delivery. Feel free to ask for a price quote or any additional information about this equipment.

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Label dispensers (manual and automatic)

Manual label dispensers allow quick placement of labels on flat surfaces. This equipment makes the labeling process quicker, more convenient and much less tiring. We supply manual dispensers for different types of labels.

Automatic label dispensers, as the name suggests, allow you to automate and accelerate the labeling process in order to keep up with the rhythm or cadence of production lines.

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Hand labelers

We supply handheld labelers for one, two or three lines. These equipment’s allow you to easily and quickly label your products and print batches, dates, expiration dates, etc. We also have ink rollers for the different models we offer.

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Thermal Transfer Ribbons

We sell thermal transfer ribbons of all colors and measurements needed for your thermal transfer label printer, in various types such as Wax, Resin or Mixed. Ask us for a free quote.